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Hacker Typer

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What people say about it: "So Im sitting at my computer one day and you walk up and ask if I have such and such album on my computer. I say, no I dont have it, BUT LET ME HACK INTO SOMEONES COMPUTER AND GET IT BECAUSE I LIKE PRETENDING THAT I LIVE IN A MID-90s CYBERPUNK MOVIE." Adrian Covert -- Gizmodo
"Want to look like a hacker, just like you’ve seen them in the movies, but don’t actually have any hacking skills? Even if you do, do you think that computer programs take far too long to write? Do you enjoy indiscriminately bashing your keyboard? If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, Hacker Typer could be for you."* Robert Quigley -- Geekosystem
Want to to be a real mid-90s movie-star hacker, breaking into secure systems and writing code at 250 words per minute? Then hacker typer is for you. Write code at blazing fast speed, using your Android Phone! ;)
Features: - Source code from the crypto portion of the linux kernel - Font size selection - Color schemes to match your outfit - Custom speed settings
By: Simone Masiero Original concept: Simone Masiero (
* Warning: this program does not actually "hack" or remotely communicate to any other computer. Its just a fun toy, which can be used to impress your friends with your (faked) ridiculous hacking skills.*
Next update will include:- users files- access granted/denied popups